Today we travelled almost 200 miles (199.5 miles to be exact!) along the Blue Ridge Parkway (which is also almost half its total length) and have stopped in Hillsville, VA for the night.

The drive was beautiful and the scenery was varied and photos just can’t capture the essence and beauty of much of what we saw.

There were many motorcyclists out enjoying perfect riding conditions and we saw solo riders, riders with pillions, sports bikes, touring bikes and trikes, bikes/trikes with trailers and even some Spyders. Today’s prize for riding the Blue Ridge Parkway has to go to the two guys on a 150cc Zummer scooter (yep – they were riding it two-up!) who managed a top speed of about 10MPH whenever the road became even uphill!

One for the Aussies – petrol here is currently as low as US$1.90 per gallon (that’s about AU$0.65 per litre).


Today’s Photos


Today’s Route


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