No travel today as Ron spent the day fly fishing with Ken Foster and I spent the day having a bit of retail therapy in Bristol with Ken’s wife Ngat (although we managed to not buy anything other than lunch and afternoon tea!).

The only photos I took today were of an interesting weir system on the South Holston River (near where Ron and Ken were fishing). It was cool and misty this morning (there was a good frost last night!) and this afternoon it was warm and sunny. There is a dam upstream from the weir from which water is released on a regular basis and when this happens the water level behind the weir rises very quickly (there are very loud alarms and flashing orange lights for the fly fisher folk and canoeists to warn of the impending and rapidly rising river level) and the weir overflows. The alarms and lights were activated when Ngat and I arrived to do a short bushwalk this afternoon and within about 20 minutes the weir was overflowing and the downstream river level had risen significantly.

Ron and Ken had a great day fishing and Ken managed to get a photo of Ron with one of his many catches.


Today’s Photos