Today we travelled from Birmingham, AL to Easley, SC the long way (~350 miles/~600kms) and through a total of four states: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Our aim today was to be at ‘Rhodes Big View’ lookout (which is about halfway between the towns of Highlands and Cashiers in the mountains of southern North Carolina) in time to see the ‘Shadow of the Bear’ which can only be seen on sunny days between mid-October and early November each year (and only for about 30 minutes from 1730 each day). Due to our excellent planning, Ron’s flawless navigation and my expert driving we were there right on time!

Once again we were treated to beautiful Fall/Autumn colours along the way when we got to North Carolina – I reckon it would be very difficult to find a part of the US that puts on a better show of colour at this time of year!


Today’s Photos


Today’s Route


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